Getting Started

Getting started with CloudCut

Getting started with CloudCut is super simple. Follow these instructions and you'll be ready to request content in minutes.

Your Dashboard

Your dashboard is an overview of all the projects you currently have going on. Your projects are filtered into four categories:
1. Upcoming Projects
Projects you've requested are queued here, waiting to be started.
2. Editing
Projects that are currently being edited appear here.
3. Pending Approval
Projects that are awaiting your revisions or approval appear here.
4. Done
Finished project files appear here. We'll keep links to your files for 30 days, after which we'll backup your files offline.
Login to your dashboard

Your login details and password have been included in your welcome email.

Creating a new request

Follow the button at the top of your dashboard to access the New Project Form.
Give your project a name
Tell us what you need, in as much detail as as possible. A great brief answers all the usual questions a designer might have. You could provide direction such as:
Who is this content for?
What is the desired call to action?
How do you want people to feel?
Are there captions and subtitles needed?
Do we need to know anything about your assets?
If you're not sure what you want, that's ok! Let us know that you want us to take some creative freedom.
A picture (or a video) says a thousand words! References are so valuable in communicating your intended goal.
Paste a link to your files from sources like Google Drive or Dropbox. Remember to include any assets you need like logos, fonts and audio files too.
Tip: Looking for a fool-proof way of organising video files on Google Drive? Try using our file directory system - we're sure it will make your video projects simpler.
Choose the format of your final content. You can select as many as you like.
Deadline approaching? Mark it "urgent" and we'll add it directly to your "Editing" queue. Otherwise, mark it "regular" to have it added to your "Upcoming Projects" queue.
If there's a date you need to meet, tell us here. Please note, we still need at least 48 hours for every request 😉
Your Name & Email
We'll use this contact information to send progress updates and approval notifications for your final files.
You can also request new projects via email:

Please note, we will be able to start editing your project faster via form requests.

Our workflow

We've designed our workflow to free up time - for you, and for our team.
Sound complicated? Don't worry - we'll manage this process for you.
Just submit your requests, and we'll be in touch.


As our editors are working on Malaysia time (GMT+8) you'll likely feel the impact of timezones on your workflow.

Your editors are working on

GMT +8

Here are some tips to make timezones work in your favour:
For Europe
Your editors are working while you sleep.
1. You'll likely wake up to files in your inbox.
2. Giving prompt feedback early in the morning will increase the chances of receiving an immediate response.
3. Make your briefs as detailed as possible. If information is missing, our team will need to wait until you wake to clarify details, which can slow down your request.
4. Approve videos as soon as you're happy with them, so we can move promptly to your next request.
For Australasia
Your editors are working a few hours behind you.
1. You'll likely receive files at the end of your working day.
2. Giving prompt feedback at the end of your working day will increase the chances of receiving an immediate response.
3. Remember to approve your files as soon as you're happy with it, so we can move onto your next request.
For Americas
Your editors are starting work, just as you finish work.
1. You'll likely wake up to files in your inbox.
2. Giving prompt feedback first thing in your morning will increase the changes of receiving an immediate response.
3. Remember that our team are working during your Sunday night, so be sure to have enough requests scheduled before you leave work on Friday.
We will use the following email to contact you:

Please mark this address "not spam" so there's no disruption in your communication.

Your Account Manager

Confused? Have a concern? Made a mistake? We're on hand anytime. If you need to reach us urgently, find our details at the top of your Dashboard.

Still have a question or need further assistance?